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Pandey Investments is a firm that is dedicated to taking the stress out of investments and money. We believe that some of the most important things in life - money, personal finance and investments must be simple to understand and hassle-free to work with.

This Pandey Investments may be described as an organization whose sole motive is to steer investors in the right path and provide excellent service to facilitate that. We have helped over 650+ families with their investments and enabled them realize their various goals in life. This is a testimony to the trust that our clients have placed on us. Read on to find out more about our philosophy and why we are unique as a partner in the world of investments.

Mutual Fund


Mutual funds have become a very popular investment option in India and this trend still continues with new funds and schemes being introduced in the market regularly. Some of the key reasons why people invest in mutual funds are outlined below.

  • Professional management
  • Diversification of risks
  • Affordable investment option
  • Affordable investment option
  • Focused investments
  • Choice of assets
  • Easy purchase and redemption
  • Tax benefits
  • High returns
  • Easy to track
  • SIP options
  • Flexibility through fund switching

Who can invest in mutual funds in India?

Mutual funds are open to a wide range of investors including Resident Individuals, NRIs, PIOs, HUFs, Companies, Partnership Firms, Trusts, Cooperative Societies, Banking and Non-Banking Financial Institutions, registered FIIs, QFIs etc. This is not an exhaustive list but represents the more commonly known types of investors in mutual funds in India.

Why Pandey Investments ?

Have you thought about any of these things over the past one year ?

  • What will happen to my lifestyle if something were to happen to my present job?
  • Can I even think of constructing a big house all by myself?
  • What will my daughter’s wedding cost? What with all the ceremonies, gifts and parties before the wedding and the expenses to settle after !
  • What if my son or daughter want to pursue studies overseas? Do I tell them NO?
  • What if my spouse and I were to live to a really old age? Can we afford any ill-health along the way?
  • Can I really afford an expensive International Holiday for the entire family?
  • If you have thought about even one of them in the past one year, then you have received the most powerful signal to start thinking about Financial Planning.

That’s where Pandey Investments steps in. At Pandey Investments, we have one goal. And that is to make your goals come true. That’s why we have only one core business focus: to make you a successful investor.

What We Offer


Mutual Fund

A mutual fund is a professionally-managed trust that pools


Systemetic Investment Plan(SIP)

Systematic Investments have stood the test of time and the


Health Insurance

Paying huge premiums does not necessarily mean that you are adequately


Portfolio Management

It is essential for individuals to invest wisely for the rainy days


Other Investment Services

Other financial services businesses encompass a broad range of organizations



Debt/ Income funds generally invest in securities such as bonds

Who are our Clients?

At Pandey Investments, we believe our greatest asset is our client. Pandey Investments caters a wide variety of clients, a partial list which is given below:

  • Salaried Individuals
  • Professionals
  • Businessmen and Proprietary firms
  • Students
  • Large Corporates
  • Trusts
  • Homemakers
  • Retired
  • Partnerships
  • Small and Medium Enterprises
  • Non Resident Indians

The one common thread amongst all our varied clients is our effectiveness and efficiency in response and service. Whatever be the requirement – from long term SIPs to short term Liquid Funds, all clients benefit from a single minded focus towards their needs.

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I am investing in Mutual Funds for the first time and they explained me about the products. Their team took care of whole process and each and every time they are sending you the update like your fund is sent for process. Continuous followup is there. I am totally satisfied with the Pandey Investments.
Sumeet Pandey Barabanki
One of the best financial advisory firm. You get all your questions answered and the advisor was good in financial planning. When it comes to Mutual funds, Mr. pandey provides the best solution for you.
Aman Kumar Tedhipulia, Lucknow
Pandey investments is really doing excellent job. They are customer friendly, quick response, easy to approach, good followup, success rate and everything is very very best in Lucknow city. Thanks to Pandey investments.
Ajay Kumar Kanpur
Best in class Financial Advisors in Lucknow, expertised in advising about investment in major asset classes, Mutual Funds and insurance solutions both life and general.
Rohit Kumar Indira Nagar Lucknow